italy-2009-278There are brilliant colors and textures that can be found in shop windows, restaurants and streetscapes all over the world that create a feeling of excitement that draws us in and once we're there we may never want to leave.  There are certain colors that we gravitate towards that make us feel happy.  You may not know exactly why you find them attractive, but if you take note of the hues and patterns that appeal to you in furniture, art, clothing and jewelry you will find inspiration for your home's interiors.

The same is true for shapes and motifs.  You may find yourself drawn to a piece of furniture, artwork or an accessory and not be able to pinpoint what it is that attracts you to these objects.  Classical motifs and patterns found in architecture even in their simplest forms can move us.  You may come across a book end with a classical scroll design and want to incorporate it into your home because the shape of the piece creates a feeling that attracts you.  It may not be until you see a similar scroll as an architectural detail on a beautiful cathedral that you realize why it called you.

I like to suggest to my clients that they pay attention to their instincts.  Don't be afraid to tear out an image in a magazine with a funky or colorful furniture item that makes you feel inspired.  Sometimes you can look at a photo of a room setting and not know what it is exactly that you like in the room but know that you love the overall feeling of the space.  Be brave!  Trust the instincts that are your personal style.

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