Are you looking for some inspiration for your outdoor living space?  Check out these cozy spots and see if you can take away some ideas that you can incorporate into your own backyard haven.  If you're planning an outdoor party or a quiet weekend with a good book, bringing some indoor comforts outside can really set the mood.

Photo via The Berry.  Take out that old white tablecloth, add some white flowers and a few clear votive candles and have a special moment.


Photo via Southern Living.  Mix and match colorful throw pillows and accessories and watch your space come alive.


      Photo via Mox Design.  Fill in empty sections of your outdoor area with large tall planters of evergreens that are equally as high.  They will make your space feel substantial while bringing in greenery which is always a plus.


Photo via I See Something.  The fabric panels are the key to this look.  Hang outdoor fabric panels from a gazebo or nearby trees.  Wait for a cool breeze and enjoy!


 Photo via House Beautiful.  I love the outdoor bed, it would be so relaxing on a cool night.  Just remember to blow the candles out...


Photo via House Beautiful.  The topiary trees and flower pot chandelier make this dining spot a little piece of Wonderland.


Photo via House Beautiful.  Bright geometric patterned pillows and cushions in complementary colors of blue and orange are perfect for lounging by the sea.


Photo via HGTV.  The only things this hammock and cozy throw are missing is a glass of wine and a good book.


Photo via HGTV.  Bringing cloth napkins and real china outdoors for dining really elevates the occasion.


Photo via Elle Decor.  Mixing and matching dining chairs and benches can be elegant.


Photo via Elle Decor.  The fabric canopy ceiling and open sides of this outdoor patio create a living and dining space for relaxing out of the sun without feeling enclosed.


Photo via Design Fabulous.  I love the outdoor sofa and mix and match patterns.  Another example of how a fabric canopy ceiling with opens sides really makes the space feel open.


Photo via Cottage Design and Decorating.  Who wouldn't want to lay on this chaise lounge in a quiet corner of an enclosed porch?  The all white finishes and fabrics create a feeling of calm and serenity.


Photo via Bloggers.com.  The tall shelving unit filled with various potted plants and flowers ties together the feeling of an outdoor room.


Photo via Bhousedesain.  This built in banquette seating is a really good use of an empty outdoor corner.  The corner mounted canopy is adorable.

Photo via Better Homes and Gardens.  I'm noticing a pink theme with many of these spaces...  It really works with contrasting white furnishings and a backdrop of outdoor greenery.


Photo via Better Homes and Gardens.  I love the grapevine ceiling that shades this sitting area.  Its's so European.


Photo via Architectural Digest.  This outdoor lounging space at the home of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith has a built in sectional sofa and ceiling cover of log timbers.  The hanging pendant lights must be so inviting in the evening.


You don't need a big budget or a big space to create a unique outdoor space that's all your own.  Just bring some of the indoor things you love outside and enjoy!