Home Office: Functional Can Be Pretty June 27 2013, 0 Comments

It's so true that a cluttered workspace can clutter your thoughts.  If you can keep no more than the things you need in your office space than you are off to a good start.  And why shouldn't those necessary things be contained in nice looking containers with beautiful accessories?  Here are a few work spaces that are full of function, inspiration and style.


blog desk access bhg com

Pretty covered boxes, baskets and crates make for nice looking storage on this deep window sill.  via Better Homes & Gardens.




A beautiful desk lamp can bring your workspace to life.  via Brabourne Farm.




blog desk access creaturecomfortsblog com

Store necessary paperwork in attractive bins.  via Creature Comforts.




blog desk access houseofturquoise com

Personalize your work pace with  special family photos.  via House of Turquoise.



blog desk access nsinteriordesign com

 There are so many pretty desk accessories available.  Why buy ordinary ones?  Nagwa Seif Interior Design.




blog desk access petitevanou tumblr com

Pick up some colorful file folders and binders to cheer up your space.  via Petite Vanou.



blog desk access theeverygirl com

Less is more.  A lack of clutter is your best accessory.  via The Every Girl.